Tech Art Sketchbook

Work In Progress / 05 August 2020

I've got a large folder of Orphans - UE4 experiments without a home. Most of these were made in a few hours, or a few days of spare time - a quiet Wednesday night here, a lazy Sunday afternoon there. I'd love to write a full breakdown for each of them, but each breakdown is a huge time investment, often longer than the project itself.

Some of these may get comprehensive writeups in the future, but I'm putting them here in the meantime.

Careful where you put your hands, friends. These experiments have some rough edges.

Subsurface / stylised gemstone material.

Lava shader / flowmaps

Generating a sphere in blueprint - nothing revolutionary (and really slow), but I'm glad I went through the process

Writing procedural glyphs to a render target

Dungeon generator - the pathfinding / connections don't work as well as I'd like (yet)


Tentacle-based procedural animation, inspired by the game Carrion


Material VFX - would look better with some additional layers, and particles. They're surprisingly cheap as is.

Sigil generator - reused some of the code from the Rune generator. As with all of these entries: needs more work.

That's all for now!

I'll try to post future ones in their own post. Let me know if there's any further information you'd like on any of these.

Most, if not all of these borrow from the work of others. I genuinely appreciate the people whose blogs and breakdowns I've learned from. I couldn't have made these without the breakdowns and tutorials of people like Taizyd Korambayil, Amit Patel, Oleg Dolya, Thomas Harle, and Simon Trümpler.